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Residential and Light Commercial Plumbing and Heating Installation, Repair and Emergency Service - Master Plumber and HVAC License - Fully Insured. Some of the many services we provide include

Underground Leak Detection
Does it seem you're paying for a lot more water than you're using. This can be the first symptom of an undetected underground leak. A leak that over time could cost you thousands of dollars in wasted water.

Our state of the art equipment can answer your questions, allay your fears and if you happen to have an undetected underground leak save you a lot of money.

Tom Thomas is a trained underground leak detection specialist. While others guess, our work is based in science.

Call the people that are trained and equipped to answer your questions and get the job done fast and effectively. Call Tom Thomas Plumbing and Heating 570-779-5212 for a free no obligation assessment.

Underground Pipe Detection
The PA One Call System (Dial 811) should be used to locate underground utility lines on public property. What if you have to excavate around or near underground utility lines on private property that are not covered by that service, such as gas lines to pool heaters in backyards, water service lines from the street to the building, sewer and storm piping, etc...?

Tom Thomas Plumbing provides an affordable solution. Using much of the same equipment that the utilities use, we can take the guess work out of the job. Knowing where the underground lines are located reduces the risk of damage or loss of service and allows for faster digging in clear areas. In most cases we can also give a depth reading as well.

Electric Pipe Thawing
Frozen pipes can be a real headache, as water freezes in the pipes it expands with great pressure and can rupture the line. Thawing the pipe as soon as possible is very important, taking a wait and see approach can be disastrous.

Tom Thomas Plumbing uses the RIDGID KT-200 pipe thawing units. The KT-200 Pipe Thawing Units provide continuous heating to quickly thaw 1/2" to 1 1/2" frozen metal pipes from 4' to 150' in length. With these lightweight, versatile units, there is no need to dig or tear apart walls to thaw pipes. Simply attach the clamps to the metal pipe on each side of the frozen section and the pipe is thawed within minutes.

Backflow Assembly - Installation and Certification - ASSE #21475
Most of the area water companies are requiring commercial customers to install an approved backflow prevention device. When your number comes up and you receive the letter, DON’T PANIC!! Tom Thomas Plumbing is able to install and is ASSE certified to annually test your device. More information on backflow can be found here on PAWC’s website at


PA Home Improvement Contractors Registration #000714

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